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When we started this site, we asked ourselves one question: Are we going to help them, or are we going to leave them on their own? Our mission is to outline how violence against the LGBT community in any form is a violation of human rights. We also expose exemptions being introduced to blunt the recognition of LGBT rights in India. The agreed-upon reports will be reflected in the material published on our website.


LGBTQ Events in India is an independent human rights institution working for legal and policy reforms. We consult gay persons of concern and make sure that their views inform our actions. It’s our hope that the work we do will help millions of gay men and women gain acceptance in the community. For instance, if someone bullies you, clarify that people love each other in different ways. However, it’s vital to remember that there is unprecedented pressure on every gay person in India. Here, you’ll find a favorable environment associated with less depression and fewer suicidal feelings. Our research suggests that gay individuals face health disparities linked to societal stigma. That is why we are committed to rainbow communities in India and their liberation from all forms of discrimination. We also have several online arts and cultural events on the calendar.


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